Human Resources Management.





BCI began with a very simple recruiting strategy – find the best people in the industry and figure out how to get them in the Company, and keep them motivated. The management team at BCI practices a multi-level recruiting approach that has successfully attracted some of the top performers in the industry. In addition to technical skills, our evaluation techniques place a special emphasis on the soft skills, which we believe has been one of the keys to our success in the market.

Identifying and Recruiting Consultants

BCI relies heavily upon referrals to identify potential consultants – we believe that the best indicator of future performance is the recommendation of people who have worked with the consultant in the past. To that end, we continuously ask our clients, our partners, and especially our consultants, to help us identify the best consultants in the industry. Similarly, consultants who have learned of BCI by reputation, and would like to work with us often approach us.

Training and Professional Development

Our approach to professional development is that each consultant must be encouraged to evolve in his or her career on a continual basis at a pace that is within his or her goals and aspirations. As a company, we stand behind their individual ambitions and provide an environment for personal growth resulting in a great benefit to our clients, who enjoy the services of highly motivated and satisfied people.



In the event that one of our resources should not be available, BCI always has a back-up plan strategy in place. In the case of unexpected sudden absence (i.e. illness, death, etc.), we will identify back-up resources currently in BCI that could assist with mission critical operational activities and help bridge until a replacement resource is identified. Our mandate is to replace the resource immediately to ensure that there are no interruptions or delays in the project deliverables. Our HR team will work quickly to replace the resource. We will refer to our “HOT” list of currently available resources and use our network of contacts to find others.