Quality Assurance & Risk Management Plan.




Quality Assurance Plan.


Quality Policy

Quality is reflected in every step of the business, from identifying potential consultants and selectively responding to requirements, to carefully delivering services and administering contracts. BCI differentiates itself by striving to exceed expectations.


To that end, BCI has established a corporate culture that incorporates Continuous Improvement through all the business processes. BCI makes extensive use of checklists, templates, and defined procedures that reflect industry best practices and evolve over time to incorporate BCI experience.


BCI’s continued success depends upon continuing to enhance its reputation for delivering high-quality service at competitive prices.



BCI does not have a separate Quality organization. The owners of BCI run the business personally, and any business owner is intensely aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. BCI therefore holds each of its employees and subcontractors personally accountable for the quality of their performance, and provides the support necessary for them to succeed.



Risk Management Plan.


BCI has developed an unparalleled expertise in the management of risk in high technology projects. We do not create a special position to manage risk but rather instill a risk aware culture. This approach has proven to be more efficient on projects and has led to better results. The responsibility to foster this risk aware culture is nonetheless vested in the Project Manager who will ensure that risks are not only identified but also communicated up and down the organization.


BCI fully supports a Risk Management Methodology. As well, the key activities and deliverables for risk management are integrated into our Project Management Methodology. Our risk management involves predicting and managing risk through the use of two major activities - Risk Analysis and Risk Management. Prioritized risks are carried forward in a systematic process from risk assessment to risk control to ensure the effective management of project risk.